An exploratory journey into what it means to be a human. When existing in a dynamic society becomes humdrum, the notion of marching among the living seems like an expedition far away. Open up the window to your soul and let the breeze in while asking yourself: what does it mean to live a fulfilling life? What does this all mean?

Happy Father’s Day (E01):

Mike Posner visits his father’s gravesite in a riveting, impassioned excerpt on what life has entailed since losing him. Although the tears he shed last Father’s Day are now dry, the spiritual encounter he felt still vibrates through his words as he finds himself revisiting the memories his father left behind for him.

The Sun Is Always Shining (E02):

An encounter with a trainer in a North Hollywood gym leads Mike to observe despair from a different vantage point. When tragedy strikes in life, it’s simple to forget the sun’s rays are still beaming behind the gloomy cloud looming over. A dark cloud obscuring the light isn’t the end, it’s merely another opportunity to close your eyes and remind yourself, behind the clouds the sun is always shining. Piano by Super Matt Chatigny. Written and Produced by Mike Posner.

Who Knows? — Meeting Kanye West and Transforming Failure into Success (E03):

A humbling experience with Kanye West in a New York elevator steers Mike to embark on an unforeseen adventure with his friend Big Sean. With ‘Cooler Than Me’ making its waves through college dorms, Mike stares blankly at a sociology paper in Duke’s library while contemplating his ambitions as a singer. The daunting feeling of rejection can be crippling, especially when it comes from one of the biggest artists in the world, but maybe rejection is the first step into getting to where we want to be.

An Introduction to Meditation (E04):

Mike Posner leads listeners in a guided meditation. Mike explains what his meditation routine looks like and expels myths about the practice. Anyone can adopt this simple technique to harness the power of the human mind.

The Possibility of Being Here (E05):

Mike attends the Landmark Forum in Culver City, CA. After spending three days with 120 other people, he describes the time he spent there as “tricking his mind into seeing itself”. Letting go of the decisions you made in your past is the first step into dictating the outcome of your life. Editing and Music by Forrest Gray. Co-produced by Forrest Gray.